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Dispose waste responsibly

Just because it is trash doesn't mean you can dispose irresponsibly

Residents cannot dump any form of waste, be it moving boxes or trash into any commercial or construction dumpsters that do not belong to them. It is a punishable offense.

"Waste Connections" is the city's contracted service provider for trash services and does a curbside trash pick-up once every week. All waste must be secured properly in plastic bags to avoid litter/critters and placed in their assigned carts with lid fully closed. Overloading the cart will result in non collection.

Find your recycle and trash collection schedule and roll out both the cart bins for collection by 7 a.m. on the day of service (yes, you should be able to set the night before). Additionally, Yard Waste can be placed in paper bags which may be purchased at local grocery, hardware stores (plastic bags are not accepted for yard waste). Residents can place up to 10 paper bags/bundles of yard waste out for collection each week.

Note that all waste material carts (trash / recycling carts) and paper bags with yard waste should be spaced at least 3 feet apart and away from other obstacles. The driver does not get off the truck to pick the carts as it is a fully automated service.

Crews typically service the trash routes first followed by recyclables. It is quite possible that they will collect recycling on a different day than your trash collection. Leave carts out until they are picked up.

Besides paper bags with yard waste, any other items or trash bags outside the assigned carts will not be collected (unless an extra trash set-out day is announced). Pay close attention to the announcements from your waste management company. Household chemical and electronics can be disposed at Environmental Collection Center.

If you want to dispose the trash before your service day, the 9901 Custer Road Transfer station is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. - 4 p.m. You must produce your water bill and matching ID. Residents with a city utility billing account get two free drop-offs per month.

Check Frisco's Do It Yourself Trash Disposal website for more information

For any further clarifications regarding trash pick-up, please check out Frisco Environmental Services FAQs or call them at 972-292-5900.

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